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Nancy Tillman

Author Nancy Tillman wrote her first book to tell children at an early and impressionable age, “You are the one and only ever you.” Through her books, she hopes to give parents the words share their love for their children, words that will stay with them throughout their lifetimes. DEMDACO’s Nancy Tillman Collection features heartfelt gifts for parent and child alike, including a wide assortment of plush toys, soft books and baby keepsakes inspired by her vivid stories and lively illustrations. Like Nancy’s books, these thoughtful gifts feature one important message: You are loved.

Nancy Tillman next to her work

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  • Small stuffed black sitting bear

    Bear Plush

  • brown fluffy slippers with bear faces

    Black Bear Booties

  • gray fluffy slippers with elephant faces

    Elephant Booties

  • fluffy slippers designed to look like giraffe

    Giraffe Booties

  • white fluffy slippers with polar bear faces

    Polar Bear Booties

  • two white polar bear stuffed animals

    Polar Bear Musical Plush