Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

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Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

A shepherd's gift... a joyous melody... proclaiming the news!

    “I love the idea of bringing music to the Nativity… and I wanted to portray an instrument that’s traditionally been used for that purpose.

    “My son is immersed in the preservation of indigenous music in the regions of Italy and Sicily, from where my grandparents immigrated. He’s re-introduced an authentic musical tradition to our family by learning about and playing the zampogna, the Italian bagpipe (pronounced zam-pone-ya).

    “The bagpipe is an ancient pastoral instrument played by shepherds and farmers for thousands of years, and is used in many cultures to celebrate the nativity. In present day Italy, the Zampognaro (shepherd with bagpipe) plays the Novena, the nine days leading up to Christmas… a celebration and announcement of the birth of Christ.

    “The music is festive and vibrant, accompanied by singing and dancing. It’s a time of reunion and company – heralding the arrival of the holidays. It’s the Italian version of caroling – people gather, singing songs passed down through the generations.

    “The zampogna is a humble shepherd’s instrument, yet it produces a rich texture of melody and rhythm. I like the thought of this joyful, symphonic music surrounding the nativity scene.”

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    Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

    Submitted by brenda in bournemouth dorset england, February 2014

    My favorite Willow Tree is the Nativity. Every year when it comes out for Christmas I become so emotional. As a Christian they become alive to me. To me they are a witness to whoever comes into my house. I now feel I want the shepherd because I was a shepherdess when I was younger.

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    Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

    Submitted by Michael Sampogna in Bluffton,SC, October 2013

    Just wanted to let you know how happy I am to have come across the figurine of the Zampognaro. Obviously as you can see that my family name corresponds with that of the figure. The name has evolved over the years as my family from the Molise Region of Italy emigrated to many areas of the world. The name Zampogna is in Webster's unabridged dictionary and is defined as musical and or the bagpipe. I purchased this keepsake with a gift I received for my 65th birthday. I will proudly display in my home year round and pass it on to my children and grandchildren. The stories of the Zampognaro in Italy will continue at Christmas and throughout the year!

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    Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)

    Submitted by Jo in Idaho, February 2013

    I cannot begin to convey what a wonderful Christmas my cousin and I shared over the Zampognaro. I discovered the piece when I was searching the net for the Nativity Stars. The name caught my attention because I realized it was Italian. My father came from Sicily and my mother's family from Calabria. So I set out getting information regarding the Italian shepherds, all the time sharing this newly found information with my cousin over the telephone. We were very excited as our findings unfolded because neither of us had ever heard of the Italian Shepherds let alone their playing bagpipes. This answered a question I have had in mind for many years. Why did my uncle choose the clarinet for me to play when I started playing an instrument. When I wondered which instrument I should play, Uncle Frank immediately said the clarinet. Now I have the answer. This clarinet is the closest relation to the tubes of the bagpipe! We then searched the net and found the bagpipe music. We were so excited we could hardly believe it. Then we found our grandmother's favorite song. O Bambino. I told my daughter about the new Willow Tree piece. I told her I was going to start putting my dollars and coins in a jar and next Christmas I intended to buy this for myself. Needless to say it was my favorite present. She bought the Zampognaro for me as well as the Stars. For her birthday,I am having a picture framed for my cousin of the Italian shepherd playing the bagpipe. Next year I will purchase the Willow Tree Shepherd for Christmas. Thank you so very much. We had so much fun over this new knowledge. It was a joyful Christmas for me and Patti.

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    Submitted by Jane in Michigan, December 2012

    I received this addition to my Nativity as a joint Christmas gift from my daughter and her husband, and my son and his wife, both of whom are currently struggling college students. I know this was a gift that was given much thought and love because of the fact that both couples are have financial challenges while they are trying to finish their college degrees, and this was a great sacrifice for both of them. This piece has significance to me on several levels. One of them is that my paternal ancestry lauds from Scotland. Although this is an Italian bagpiper, that also has significance to me. My father was a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserves and he spent some time in Italy during his tenure. My father passed away in November 2005. He was very proud of his ancestry, as am I, and we celebrate it with plaid every Christmas. There have been significant occasions when a bagpiper has celebrated with us as a messenger sent from heaven. One time it was to welcome me "home" to my father's alma mater for an unexpected Homecoming visit. Another time was at my son's wedding celebration when a piper played at the entrance of the driveway up to the church where he was married. Whenever I hear a bagpipe play it reminds me where I came from and takes me "home".

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    • Name: Zampognaro (Shepherd with bagpipe)
    • Materials: resin
    • Measurements: 9"h
    • Sentiment: A shepherd's gift... a joyous melody... proclaiming the news!
    • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.