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Together, our family is home

“I wanted to capture the time in your life when there’s a lot of excitement, happiness, yet a big unknown. This piece connects the concepts of Home and Family — you are creating your own family — your own home. There’s been a shift in your life cycle. It’s about establishing roots in a way that centers and grounds you as a couple. It can be scary, but also has you in awe. Together, you’re creating a sense of place — building something — permanence and belonging. To each other and to the someone else that you haven’t met yet, but that you already love. I wanted the title to have a hidden layer of discovery ... I like the twist of taking a noun and using it as an adjective to explain a feeling one might have, but can’t always verbally express.”

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Submitted by Gail in Rhode Island, January 2013

I am 59 and had a late start in life when it came to having children. It took me almost 7 years to conceive. My first child came at age 33, (1987) and my last at 36, (1990). So needless to say, "Home" is probably one of my favorite pieces. My only two wishes in my life was to have two sons. I am fulfilled. My niece recently went to the emergency room because she was not feeling well. Nausea, etc., flu symptoms. Well to make a long story short she found out that she was pregnant. My niece has been with her husband for over 12 years, she is 36 years old and will give birth in August. I ran right out and purchased "Home" for her and her husband. This is the first baby to be born on my side of the family in 36 years. It gave me tremendous joy to buy this beautiful piece for them. I know that they will love it as much as I do and understand the deep meaning it represents, not only to me, but now for them. Tomorrow I will go out and purchase a "Grandma" Willow Tree for my sister. Thank you for sharing your gift of art with the world. Sincerely, Gail


Submitted by Michelle in England, August 2012

We first purchased a Willow Tree memory box, Heart of Gold, after we lost our beautiful baby boy Harry. We now have a memory shelf with Harry's scan photo and the Miss You figurine. My partner today brought me the home figure to go with the other Willow Tree items. They have brought us such comfort. The Home figurine reminds us of how happy we were to be expecting, and gives us the hope of expecting again.


Submitted by Emily in East Yorkshire, August 2012

My partner has recently started to collect Willow Tree for me. I absolutely adore them and the feelings perceived in them. Home is my favorite, it means so much to me as we are a new couple who have recently moved in together and are expecting our first child together. The feelings and emotions of the piece described the turning point we are experiencing as a couple and a family. A beautiful piece.


Submitted by Caroline in UK, August 2012

My mum gave us this one as our first anniversary present, and ever since she has given us another with every change in our life. With our first child she gave us the New Dad; With the birth of our eldest daughter she gave us Quietly, and then she gave us Home. When our second baby girl was born four weeks early she brought me Angel of Mine. I now have three happy and healthy children. My mother continues to buy your beautiful figures for me. I am getting quite a collection which fills every corner of my house. I love them! Thank you so much for making such lovely heart warming pieces. I have given my husband and children gifts of Willow Tree, for them to take away with them when they leave home


Submitted by Rosabel in PA, August 2012

My husband and I are hoping to get pregnant soon. I always wondered how I would I give him the surprise if I find out first. I think this would be the perfect way because within it there is so much being said. I know he would love it.


Submitted by Tamra in Australia, August 2012

My husband & I were married on 6 November 2010, and “Promise” was given to us as a wedding gift. We have it proudly on display in our lounge room next to one of our wedding photos. We are now pregnant with our first child, and I can’t wait to purchase “Home.” I think it sums up our love, excitement & nerves for our precious bub. I can’t wait to collect more Willow Tree figurines as we go through life & tick off our milestones together. Thank you for making personal feelings seen & shared.


Submitted by Amelia in NL, July 2012

I gave this piece to a dear friend when she was pregnant with her first child. Her husband was very involved with the pregnancy, reading "What to Expect" books and helping out any way he could. The inclusion of a supportive dad-to-be was a special part of this ornament for my friend.


Submitted by Deanna in CA, July 2012

In 2007 I delivered our baby Jonathan stillborn. The only relationship my husband, daughter, son, and I had with our little baby was when we felt him in my womb. Friends and family gave us Cherish, Heart of Gold, and Keepsake to represent his life and how we feel about him. However, I always felt sad that my husband was not represented. I wrote to you to request a pregnant woman with a man touching her stomach. I just found it in the store yesterday! I don't know how long it has been out, but now our little symbolic family is complete. Thank you, Susan Lordi.


Submitted by Chelsi in Mo, May 2012

My husband and I have been married for two years, and when we found out we were pregnant with our precious little girl my mother in law bought us Home as a Christmas gift. It sits on our entertainment center and is absolutely something I cherish. I hope to continue to collect for not only myself but for my daughter as well.


Submitted by Blanca in CA, January 2012

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and through this time we've been praying for a baby. Two weeks ago we had a IUI; this Saturday we find out if we are pregnant or not. When I came across this figurine it brought tears and hope. I'm hopeful that we will soon be parents. I will forever treasure this figurine as I see myself in it.


Submitted by Teresa in SC, December 2011

I purchased this beautiful piece for my extended family. They are a big part of my life. They are expecting their first child and I wanted to share something very special with them. I purchased this piece on 12-04-2011 for a Christmas present. I have gotten them Christmas ornaments for the past two years, but this year they found out they were pregnant. They are going to have our first grandson and great grandson. They are calling him Levi. I wanted to welcome their new arrival with something special and what better way than with a Willow Tree collection called Home.


Submitted by Ashley in AP, November 2011

I am looking to purchase this pretty figure as an addition for our home to celebrate the upcoming addition to our family! We are expecting our 2nd child, and with our 1st, my husband was in boot camp/training in the US Navy and away a lot of the time I was pregnant. This time around he's just returning from deployment and will get to be here for the entire time, a wonderful blessing. We've gotten a couple of these figures as gifts and have added to our small collection, I just love them. This one says so much without words.


Submitted by Kylie in Queensland, Australia, October 2011

I had been trying to become pregnant for some time, and my husband and I had just decided to stop trying and travel the world. It would be ok if we never had children. Three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I came home from work one afternoon and my husband had purchased this for me as a reminder about one of the most exciting times in our lives together. I love it. My daughter is now 7 weeks old. I look at it and smile when I walk past it. Thank you for creating something so beautiful.


Submitted by Shawn in IN, October 2011

I bought the "Home" figurine for my wife for our 1 year wedding anniversary. We are expecting our first child, and this is something I wanted to get for her in expression of my undying love for her and our future child. We plan on purchasing new figures as we have other events in our lives that coincide with the figures. Thank you for these wonderful items.


Submitted by Traci in TX, May 2011

I found out in March that I am pregnant with my first child. My fiance and I are thrilled. This year, Mother's Day fell on my birthday, and it was the first Mother's Day I got to celebrate. Among the other gifts from his family, my fiance bought me "Home", and wrapped it in my favorite color wrapping paper. It took everything in me not to break down and cry. [I've been having a very emotional pregnancy. ;) ] I wanted to share my story. This piece made a great impact on me, and I can't wait to get more of them to put on display all over my house.


Submitted by Tonya in SC, February 2011

On Valentine's Day 2011 my husband surprised me with this figurine. I am only two weeks from having our little girl, Eden: when I opened this box I was overcome with happy tears! What a wonderful expression of anticipatory love! This will be a piece of art that will forever remind me of just how excited my husband was, looking forward to being a daddy!


Submitted by Emily in East Yorkshire, January 2011

My partner has been purchasing Willow Trees since we got together. He always picks special ones which represent all the special milestones in our relationship, and I treasure each one. When I became pregnant he went on a mission to buy me 'Home' to represent not just the new arrival but also to show the change in our relationship and family as a whole. Our daughter is now four weeks old, and as a birth present I received 'New Life.' Our collection of Willow Trees means so much to us both, and hold so many special memories that we decided to name our daughter Willow. When she is older she will be shown our collection and hear the story of how she came to be called Willow.

  • Name: Home
  • Materials: resin
  • Measurements: 8.5"h
  • Sentiment: Together, our family is home

  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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