Angel of Hope

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Angel of Hope

Each day, hope anew

“I love the idea of lighting a candle for someone, or for a wish, or a thought … keeping it alive, carrying it forward. So this angel is sheltering and protecting a small candle with a little gold-leafed flame. It’s important that the flame is small — sometimes it’s just a little flicker or a fleeting sign that can give you hope. Sometimes for me, focusing on seemingly insignificant things — events or happenings that I might ordinarily take for granted — it’s those things, those little miracles, which can give hope. I wanted Angel of Hope to be a positive piece. Kind of like the little spark that keeps us going.”

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Angel of Hope

Submitted by Joyce Colotelo in Ottawa, ON, Canada, March 2015

I already had two pieces, Kindness with the little girl sitting down holding a cat, and the one with the woman standing up holding a cat. Today I bought the Angel of Hope. I lost my mom in 2011, my favorite brother in 2012 and my dad in December of's been a sad three years for me. I have a small memorial in my family room with family pictures and mementos of my mom, dad and brother. It gives me comfort to look at them. When I saw the Angel of Hope, holding her candle, I thought of them. I'm hoping that they're fine and doing well. I know that they are all Angels, hoping my dad is golfing, my mom is embroidering, and my brother is riding his motorcycle down the highway. My Angel of Hope is standing amongst the tokens of my love for my family and will make me smile when I look at her. I'm not sad because they're gone, I'm happy because I have wonderful memories of their being in my life and how they made my life wonderful to know them. The Angel of Hope will watch over them and keep them safe.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Samantha in Wasaga Beach, ON Canada, January 2015

For Christmas my 16 year old son gave me this piece to let me know there is hope. He did this because I lost my younger sister back in March and it was a very difficult time for me. What a sweet heart my son has. Thank you so much for these beautiful figurines.

Angel of Hope / Angel Embrace

Submitted by Anne Stine McEwan in Denmark, November 2014

Dear Susan Lordi, I feel the need to thank you because your beautiful angels are a memory in my living room about the story of my son who died only 1 month and 1 day old. He was born the 2nd of October 2014. I saw Angel of Hope and Angel's Embrace when I was searching for the perfect angel to remind me of my son. My son was very ill and after a short visit in life with unconditional love, the angels took him away and gave him eternal peace. We miss him so much - the only comfort is that he doesn't have to suffer any more and that a good angel now is taking care of him. Angel's Embrace is the reminder that my son is in the custody of an Angel, and Angel of Hope is for him, us (the family) and the future. Thank you!

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Billiejo Harry in Shelton, Connecticut, October 2014

Every year since the loss of my son I buy a new Willow Tree figurine on his birthday. I see them all in my living room and they are a reminder of him. It's a tradition that I have developed that has helped me heal and deal with his loss and a way to celebrate him every year. Thank you.

Angel of hope

Submitted by Paula taylor in Bristol, January 2014

Thank you so much, I received my willow Tree angel today. Someone told me about Willow Tree angels to buy as a memory of my baby girl that I lost during pregnancy. We named her Hope, due to the snow drop room she was in (as snowdrops represent hope). So when I looked for Angel of Hope, I was over the moon to buy an angel to remember baby Hope forever. I think I'll be buying lots more from now on but for happier reasons.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by CJS in South-central Wisconsin, January 2014

Some years ago, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to give up my child for adoption. I've hurt and cried before over things, but nothing has compared to the sobbing that took place that fateful day.... I never got over it by any means, though I did learn to deal with it. I HAD to believe that placing him with a family who could care for him was the right thing to do. Nearing the anniversary of his 18th birthday, memories were pushing their way to the surface again and it seemed I was scared to answer the door or the phone, not knowing who might be opposite me. That time never came, however, so though I was a bit relieved at not having to face the experience, I was more heartbroken for not knowing how his life had gone thus far and wondered and worried how he was. Was he ok. Was he happy. Adding almost 12 more years to his 18th birthday, one day I learned his father was trying to find me. He wanted to find our child and needed me to be a part of the paperwork. Though we thought it probably would be a futile experience, we did it anyway. We filed the paperwork in Aug. 2010, and with blessings from above, made a connection that September! He had been looking for us for 4 yrs or more already, reportedly only for medical reasons/knowledge, but I learned though this part was true, it was also true that he really did want to find us for personal reasons as well. My daughter-in-law gave me the Angel of Hope.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Kelly in Leicester, England, January 2014

My husband and I found out in 2012 that we both had low fertility and had very little chance of conceiving naturally. We were matched with an egg donor and had IVF in Nov 13. Unfortunately we were told two weeks later that the attempt hadn't worked. My mum brought me my Angel of hope for Christmas 2013. I was moved to tears as I have always believed that we have angels watching over us. Then just yesterday, Jan 5th 2014 I had a miscarriage. It's unclear as to whether this pregnancy was a result of the IVF or a natural conception. We are both obviously upset by this but we also have said that it shows there is always hope that a pregnancy is possible, "each day hope anew" I said to my mum today that my angel is working her magic and showing us that there is always hope.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Rama Sharma in Floida, December 2013

I received this beautiful angel of hope exactly on the day and time my life seemed dark and hopeless .I was elated! Instantly, a ray of fresh morning sun filled my heart the moment I saw the beautiful figurine. The hand protecting the golden candle made a great impression on me. Moreover, it brought back nostalgic memories of a beautiful person---a selfless human being(my boss and friend) I call her a lightworker whose mission is to compassionately heal people and help them in whatever way she can. My heart is filled with gratitude. May you continue your humanistic work and advance more spiritually Thank you and Thank you Susan for carving these beautiful figurines or hope love n beauty. Peace be with all

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Stephanie in Mountain View, CA, October 2013

I received the Angle of Hope from my coworkers at a suprise party yesterday at work to celebrate my recovery from breast cancer which was diagnosed earlier this year. This was discovered at my first mammogram at 40 years of age. I am incredibly blessed for this early discovery and am an advocate for early detection. It has saved my life. I have completed my treatments and am gladly on the other side of this dreadful ordeal. I have to say that there has always been an angel in my midst. From the smiles, to the hugs, to the flowers, to the words of encouragement - each and every one of my coworkers, friends and family have been an angel to me at some point during this time. I am grateful for every one of them and am enjoying each day with continued HOPE.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Lainey in MN, December 2012

I love the postings of all the cancer survivors and the nurse. I am both. The angel holding the single flame is beautiful in its meaning. I bought this for myself as a symbol and reminder that there are angels in my midst who will help me continue to be a cancer survivor as well as be the best nurse I can be to my cancer patients. I thank Susan Lordi for creating this angel showing me that the ordinary, single thing can be extraordinary.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Debbie in Calgary, Alberta, November 2012

Since receiving a bone marrow transplant for recurring Hodgkins Disease ten years ago, my loving husband has given me a Willow Tree ornament each year in celebration. November 20 of each year I look forward to my Willow Tree gift. Thank you for your beautiful creations!

Angel of Miracles

Submitted by Lori in Ma, August 2012

Everyone who knows me looks for the word Hope for me. It is my favorite word for good reason. At the age of 17 I had my first of 4 strokes. I was having hemorrhages from an AVM in the brain. I was told it was inoperable, too big and too deep. I held on to hope; prayed a lot. Without hope, what do you have? I did beat it. With my husband by my side. I even had one stroke,when I was 7 and1/2 months pregnant. Now of course, I have a neuromuscular disease, called Mitochondrial Disease..--it has no cure. But I have hope on my side. I will make it to see a cure for this also. My son was just married. I didn't think I'd live to see him graduate kindergarten. This Christmas, he & his wife, bought me the Angel of Hope. I didn't say I had 3 others. You can never have enough Hope! They are even naming their first daughter Hope! God Bless; Lori :)

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Wendy in KY, August 2012

My mom passed away Jan 20, 2004. She lost her battle with breast cancer. While she was ill she was given three different Willow Tree figures: Angel of Courage, Angel of Hope and Angel of Prayer. I was so moved by these figures. Since her passing, I purchase a new Willow Tree every Jan 20 in remembrance of her. I have also expanded it to every monumental occasion in my life. I LOVE this collection, no matter what I am looking to symbolize or represent I can find it in this collection. They are so heart felt and beautiful. Every year I stand in front of the store selection crying, tears of sadness as well as joy, trying to figure out what my new figure is going to represent and how it will remember and honor my mother. Thank you so much for these beautiful items and allowing me to have a beautiful way to remember my mother. I find true joy in searching for new figures each year.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Jennifer in Illinois, August 2012

I was going through the very toughest time in my entire life. My very dearest friend purchased me my very first Willow Tree of the mother and daughter to symbolize our strength and love that we have in each other. My mother, about six months later, also purchased me the Angel of Hope figure. I held those two so close to my heart. The gesture meant so much to me. My youngest daughter and I have been sharing the joy of collecting Willow Tree since Christmas. I purchased her one from the Roses in the Garden collection. These figurines just speak to me. The care that goes into their beauty is priceless. They will remain a tradition that my daughter and I will share together for many many years to come. Thank you!

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Angela in nc, August 2012

In 2003 my beatiful son was born. We found out at nine months old that he had a very rare chromosome abnormality, that he would have extreme difficulty with his "trunk strength." Walking for him was extremely hard to learn. When he started taking his 1st steps unaided except for his walker, my mother-in-law sent this to me. He literally walked away from his walker at 32 months old. It is a reminder to me that there is always someone there to help you when you need it, even if you can't see them.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Sarah in Cambridgeshire, May 2012

I tend to buy a new angel to mark something in my life. I bought Angel of Hope at the end of January. I'd been out of work for almost 3 years and had almost given up hope. I started work in January and this was my everlasting symbol of new hope for a brighter future. Things have gone from strength to strength since then. I'm happy, have a great job, amazing workmates, brilliant boss and life is good. Every time I look at my Angel of Hope, it reminds me of how far I've come in such a short time. And it's a beautiful item to have in my home and sit along side my other Willow Tree Angels.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by shuang in MI, February 2012

I am an international student who came to USA three years ago to continue my study. But I was heavily sick three years ago. I have bipolar disorder mental illness and my church friend---a beautiful lady helped me and sent me to mental hospital. People around me helped me a lot and they make me know God is love and I should love people around me. After I was discharged from mental hospital, I was baptized in my church. Unfortunately I was sick again this year. And again the lady who helped me before sent me to hospital and saved me again!! I felt so dark and hopeless during the second illness time. Today is my birthday. The lady drove to my apartment and gave me this amazing angel---Angel of Hope!!! How can I lose hope with such a good lady arounds me who helps me? How can I lose hope when I realize God never abandons me and His Angel of Hope will always protect me? Thank God! I have hope again!!

Angel of Hope

Submitted by madison in north carolina, January 2012

i bought my grandmother an angel for Christmas. She has terminal cancer. and I though that this might give her some hope and strength while she goes through her last few stages. I love my grandmother very much. It's hard to watch what she is going through. Thanks for making your ornament. It does help people see a little light in their time of darkness.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Cyndi in Wi, January 2012

I have endured many losses in the last few years (my husband, my mother and my job, to name a few) and I pretty much had given up hope of ever finding contentment in my life. A new friend, who has been a true inspiration in my life, gave me the Angel of Hope just before the New Year. The Angel now sits on the window sill next to my bed so that each morning and evening I am reminded that hope still exists and people do believe that I will be ok. I have renewed hope for 2012 thanks to my Angel.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Gonzalo in IL, September 2011

I just bought this for myself. I am currently fighting through a very hard case of depression. I have honestly lost all hope and faith. I bought this to remind myself that my life may be worth living hopefully in the near future.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Laetitia in FRANCE, August 2011

What was my surprise this morning? I received a present ! It is a present from my grandma of heart, and it has several meanings. She calls me "my angel," thus it is logical that she chooses an angel. She knows the various and numerous difficulties I have known in my life since childhood, but keeping nevertheless my fighting spirit. I sometimes have intense moments of tiredness and loss of hope, but my Willow Tree sustains me. That's why this Willow Tree is rich in meaning for me.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Stephanie in NC, January 2011

I used to pass by Willow Tree angels while shopping, thinking, "How could anyone like something with no face?" But then a friend gave me an angel, and she grew on me. I am a Christian who has just begun to appreciate the reality of angels in recent years. In particular, the angels of Hope, Grace, Learning, and the Irish Charm Angel have held special meaning for me. My angels are a reminder that the real angels--and Jesus--are watching over me. All my "girls" make me feel loved.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by ANGELICA in TX, December 2010

My supevisor gave me the Angel of Hope after lI lost my daughter Gabriella at 32 weeks gestation. With every contraction I prayed/begged God to let me have her. I offered him every heartbeat, every breath of mine. Every time his answer was the same--no. It was and has been the worst experience in my life. When I received the angel I felt it was a messege from God telling me everything was going to be okay, and that he may have closed a door for us but he had many more open, as long as we have hope. Now I am 23 weeks pregnant and very hopeful.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Susan in Pennsylvania, July 2010

My daughter Summer has been very ill over the past couple years of her young life. I have prayed and prayed, but I needed something near me to fill my heart with hope when I thought there was none. I collected the Angel of Hope, the Angel of Miracles and the Angel of Summer. They sit together and remind me to "Hope for a Miracle for Summer". I am thankful to be able to say that we have received a miracle for Summer and she is well on her way to recovery! My angels will remain near me, to remind me how thankful I am.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Loretta in North Carolina, July 2010

My daughter gave me the Angel of Hope for mothers day. She said be sure to look up the meaning of it and tell your story. I wasn't sure what she meant until I looked it up. Her grandmother, my mother-in-law, died from complications with cancer in 2004. She only lived ten short months after she was diagnosed. This was a miracle in itself since she was at stage 4B of her cancer when she was diagnosed, she was given a 12% chance of surviving a year. From the time she was diagnosed until the day she died, she was the model of hope. She endured treatments and medications that made her so sick, that any other person may have stopped and let cancer run its course. But she did not quit. She also did not complain but found the everyday things in life to be thankful about. More time with her family, a chance to right wrongs, finish things she felt was important, share her love, get closer to God, and plan her own services. On the day that she died my daughter and I were there by her bed. Her life and death reminded us to always keep hope alive. No matter how tough life is, it has a beginning and an end. Make sure that the things you do in between are things that will be a guiding light for others to follow and remember. We love you and miss you Sandra, thanks for being a guiding light. Till we meet again!

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Loree in Kentucky, July 2010

This Angel of Hope is my new favorite! My brother, Daniel, always spoke about hope and how it was his favorite word. When he was dying of a brain tumor in the hospital, we would sing "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine". We called Daniel our "light for Jesus". He passed away in 2005 at age 30 after a 10 yr. battle with brain cancer. When I saw this Angel with the little lit candle, I was just thrilled to see that it was called the "Angel of Hope". I am so happy to have one in my growing collection of Willow Tree angels. Thank you for creating this special piece!

Angel of Miracles

Submitted by Annie in United Kingdom, July 2010

I was given the Angel of Hope by my best friend after losing a baby a few months ago. I look at it every morning and it really does give us hope that one day our time will come to be parents. Such a beautiful piece, it's an inspiration. I've been a collector of Willow Tree figurines for a few years but this piece, along with the Angel of Remembrance (which we bought in remembrance of our baby), are my favourites.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Laikan in West Virginia, June 2010

My sister-in-law lost her baby recently and took it very hard. There is nothing that could really ease her pain so I thought this willow angel would be a great gift because it would remind her everything happens for a reason and give her a tiny bit of hope.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by DeLane in Louisiana, May 2010

I have always been fascinated with Willow Tree. Beginning Christmas 2008, I got my first one as a gift, the Angel of Healing. I was in my next to last quarter of nursing school and one of my close friends and class mates had gotten her for me. In May of 2009, I graduated from nursing school and my mother gave me the Angel of Courage and the original Angel of Hope. She felt she symbolized nursing in how it reminded her of the lighting of the lamps and reciting the Nightingale Pledge at our pinning ceremony. It wasn't until I was eating breakfast with her on Mother's Day morning at a local restaraunt (I had just gotten off my 12 hour night shift) that I noticed the new Angel of Hope. With her candle, she really resembled the lamps that we lit during our pinning ceremony. To me, this is a perfect gift for any nurse, whether she is just graduating or has been a nurse for 30+ years. She really does symbolize a very special part of the early nursing career.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Sue in Ohio, March 2010

I received my first Willow Tree Angel of Hope when I was diagnosed with cancer. A very special friend came bearing comfort food and this wonderful angel. I have her in a spot where I am reminded that hope is always with me! Sue

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Josephine in Indiana, March 2010

We just learned our niece and godchild has stage 3 breast cancer. We thought this angel is a perfect gift for her.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Jennifer in Tennesee, February 2010

The Angel of Hope is a symbol of our school's theme for this year. "Just One Candle" is a song that teaches us "we need to fill the world with light." Our elementary school had a visiting artist help us produce a human art project in which every person in our school formed a giant candle. It is our mission to ignite the light that each child carries inside of them and to keep it spreading to others. In the middle of this school year we lost our beloved speech teacher, Lisa. She ignited a spark in all who knew her. It is now our responsibility to make sure her influence continues.

Angel of Hope

Submitted by Sandra in Maine, January 2010

My daughter's new husband will be leaving for Afghanistan in April. She will be moving home to be close to her family and support system. Yesterday I decided to do her room over in rustic country art. This will be the perfect center piece for her room! It will help her to remember to Hope every day!

  • Name: Angel of Hope
  • Materials: resin, metal
  • Measurements: 5.5"h
  • Sentiment: Each day, hope anew

  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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