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FREE to sing, laugh, dance... create!

“I hope this piece is very open to viewer interpretation. For me, it is the pure joy that comes from creating — in all of its forms. A side note … I love bluebirds.”

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Submitted by Judy Nelson in Canada, January 2015

My mom was a vivacious woman and filled our lives with delightful moments to remember. She loved being outdoors and delighted in watching birds. Alzheimer's trapped her for 7 years but this past December she finally slipped away to freedom in heaven with Jesus at 91 years of age. My sister recently gave me the "Happiness" piece which portrays mom so fittingly now ... she is free to sing, laugh, dance...create! The birds on both arms are just the perfect touch. Thank you for making this absolutely precious encouragement and reminder for me!


Submitted by Dolores in Hendersonville, TN, November 2014

Happiness has always been on my wish list for several years. I recently got it as it is a good reminder to me of three important things in my life. Three for one is my favorite number and the three blue birds caught my eye as I said many years ago as three reminds me daily of the Trinity. In 1996 we looked to purchase a piece of land to build a retirement home, and the day we took a final look at it as I walked on it I asked God to show me a sign that this was where He wanted us to spend our golden years. Just as I started to turn back to the car--out of the old barn ran three little kittens and then I saw the bluebirds as they flew away. I walked over to my husband and said this is the place for our new home. This piece is also one that reminds me of my dear sweet aunt who passed away three years ago. We have always had bluebirds each year since we moved into the home we built, and she would ask me how to get them to come to her bluebird house where she lived. We tried many things, and then she was so excited when she called me that spring--she had a family of bluebirds in her house. That spring, when her cancer came back and took her in May, it became a comfort and a sign to me that she was "Happy" in heaven with bluebirds singing all the time. How wonderful our GOD by surrounding us with His precious creations. Thank you for your creations that keep us in touch with things of importance to our lives on earth. Bless you always!


Submitted by Theresa Becht in Clifton Heights, PA, April 2014

After a bout with breast cancer in 2011, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in August of 2013. Needless to say, I was frightened and angry. One day before I was officially diagnosed, my son and I were going to the funeral of his good friend's father. As I was driving, I was dwelling on what the scans would say. Although I knew in my heart and my head it was cancer again, I was holding on to the hope that it was something else. I said a prayer to Archangel Michael to help me with my doubt. "Please," I prayed, "help me to be positive." As I finished my prayer, the Bob Marley song, "Three Little Birds" came on the radio. "Don't worry about a thing. Every little thing's gonna be alright" Bob sang to me. My very good friend, Karen, has given me three Willow Tree pieces over the years. I display them all proudly, two at home and one in work. Recently, in a store in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, I spotted Happiness. There she was with her arms stretch out, three little birds perched on them. I felt like the piece was made just for me. As I was not expecting to find the perfect thing for me, I wasn't prepared to spend the money that day. I knew of other stores closer to my home that sold Willow Tree. I figured I would buy it later. Today is my birthday and my very good friend, Colleen, gave me the piece for my birthday! "Happiness" is now displayed on my headboard where I can see her first thing in the morning and last thing at night. She will remind me that "Every little thing's gonna be alright!"


Submitted by Jerusha Renstrom in Utah, April 2014

I saw this beautiful piece when I was in a florist shop ordering flowers for my sister-in-law's funeral. She had been struggling with addiction for many years and as soon as I saw it, I knew it represented her. She is free now and finally released, able to be happy. We will have it on display at her funeral. Thank you for the beautiful moments in life you capture for us to have and hold onto and remember. - Jerusha


Submitted by Lioness in Under WT, March 2014

He wants to see me a free woman. He believes that I am a free woman. He gave me the Happiness figurine for women's day. He is a free man.


Submitted by Shirley in Kalispell, MT, January 2014

Four years ago, I lost my loving husband of more than 33 years. We were the best of friends and had a very close relationship, full of fun, love, and lots of great memories. When he died, I felt that my life was over and I didn't know how I would continue on without him. The family that I thought would be there for me, who would help me pick up the pieces of my life, didn't show up. But other people in my life did show up, and helped me see that there would be life after Blake, and Cynthia was one of those people. Through her enthusiasm for life and her cheerfulness and encouragement, I have begun to see the light at the end of "the grief tunnel." At Christmas, she sent me "Happiness" to remind me that there is still a lot of happiness left in life, and that she would be there to share some of that time with me. Thank you Cynthia,for your friendship, your caring, and for "Happiness" to remind me to keep looking ahead.


Submitted by Ellie Schmidt in Fitchburg, December 2013

My friend, Ingrid, gave me the Happiness piece for my 70th birthday and I love it! "FREE to sing, laugh, dance....create!" It depicts how I feel most of the time...that I can spread my wings and fly anywhere, do anything, be adventuresome! What a thoughtful gift. Thank you, Ingrid!


Submitted by Steve H in Perth Western Australia, December 2013

Our daughter Jenna has recently received her Uni results, receiving four high destinations and one distinction in her final year at UWA for her Bachelor of Science Degree. She was so happy, receiving her results while in Bali on holiday. I saw the little " Happiness" figurine by Susan Lordi and figured it would be a nice little gesture from her Dad to give her this gift--Free to take what she has worked so hard for, and start her career. We love you Jenna xxx


Submitted by Ghislaine in Basingstoke, September 2013

My mother bought this piece for my husband and me to celebrate moving into our new home together - truly a place for happiness.

Hapi\piness, Anniversary, Truly Golden, Mi Casa

Submitted by Gail Dine in Kalipetrovo. Bulgaria, August 2013

We began with Willow Tree, when my daughter saw "Happiness" in a shop window. She had been going through a lot of challenges. She is quite talented, being able to sing and paint. I quickly went back without her and bought it for her birthday. She was very disappointed when she saw it was gone from the shop, but then was very happy to receive it for her birthday. Anniversary was my gift to my husband on one of our wedding anniversaries. and he followed that with Truly Golden for my birthday. Angel of Remembrance came from my other daughter who shares many memories with me, especially of when she went through cancer at 15 and 16 years of age. I purchased Mi Casa last year for a young couple just getting married. And this year I purchased Mi Casa for the daughter who has Happiness. She also married last year, and this year she and her husband purchased their own home. I hope now to add some baby ones at the appropriate times! I also purchased Mi Casa for my husband and myself because we left Australia in 2011 and now live in a village in Bulgaria, where our home is a place of peace and rest for all those who need it.


Submitted by Pamela Frey in WV, June 2013

My favorite Christian song has been "His Eye Is On the Sparrow." For years I sent sparrows and the lyrics to the verse to troubled family or friends as a reminder of His love. When a close friend had breast cancer a few years ago , she received many. More recently, my diagnosis and treatment made my " bird bedroom" a refuge for me. The Willow Tree figurine, Happiness, is a perfect representation of the blessings in my cancer free life! I am purchasing several to gift others with its blessings too.


Submitted by Suvi in city of Oulu, Finland, June 2013

Nature has always been very close to my heart, especially birds. In my childhood, I spent many weekends and summer days in the Finnish countryside, and was surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature all the time. This particular figurine brings back all those memories each time I look at it -no wonder it makes me smile!


Submitted by Erin in Japan, December 2012

My mother gave me this beautiful little piece for Christmas this year, 2012. She meant it to bring exactly what it's called, and it did, but it also brought immediate tears to my eyes. Three little birds on her arms. Last year, I bought my first bird, a lovely yellow and white cockatiel named Yuzu, after my favorite citrus fruit. She was my first daughter, my soul baby, and I doted on her and loved her with absolutely my whole being. But ten months later, a day before my 26th birthday, there was a tragic accident. My boyfriend was attempting to catch and put her back in the cage, and... she was killed by a slip of the hand while I was at work. The next month, sort of by coincidence, I wound up buying two adorable little white Java Sparrows, who have kept me company now for almost 7 months. They are my new precious babies, and are working to heal my heart, which still weeps over the loss of my little girl. So this piece is perfect- 3 little birds, in happiness.


Submitted by Sally in NC, December 2012

I just received your "Happiness" figure upon the first year mark of my beloved son's passing at 24 years old. After a long courageous battle with depression, he ended his life on Dec. 2, 2011. Depression did not define his life of constant giving and incomparable wit, but it did claim him like every terminal illness. The beauty of your figure is that about 2 and a half months after his passing, three bluebirds--2 males and a female-- appeared on the line right outside my bedroom window--and one male was closer to my window and yet clearly the other 2 were with him, just letting him be a bit closer to his mother! I know this was my son Brian and my maternal grandparents coming to me from the hereafter. I was quite certain Brian would eventually come to me through nature because of our close loving relationship; I just didn't know how or when. The three of them, and he alone, have come other times since. So you can imagine how incredibly touching and deeply moving this figure is for me! Even how she stands with her chest out helps bolster me to keep going for my daughter and son on earth and my dear son from afar. I know he and my grandparents are with me and that they buoy me. It is absolutely remarkable how your figure captures the essence of all of my emotions with this loss. I even hope and trust that Brian is now experiencing "happiness" in calm and peace that depression did not allow him to experience enough, even though he was so loved and loved us. Your figure speaks to me! Thank you.


Submitted by GOKCE in istanbul, November 2012

I bought the Happiness figure on the internet, as our wish for luck in our new home sweet home. İt is very lovely and is a special gift for our close friends and family members. I will follow the Willow Tree website, and I have advised everyone about Willow Tree. Good luck!


Submitted by shirley in Quebec, Canada, August 2012

We are so blessed, Jacques and I. We now have five grandchildren from our two sons, within 2 1/2 years. It all started with the Promise, and then Happiness, now my girls with the Blessing. You are a true artist touching the heart of our family. Thank you, Shirley


Submitted by Isil in Turkey, August 2012

We are three very devoted sisters living far away from the artist. Each of us has a piece: 1 Happiness and 1 Surrounded by Love and 1 angel. I found them in the south coast of Turkey in a very little shop. Whenever I look at mine, it makes me smile. Thank you


Submitted by Amelia in NL, July 2012

My mom gave me this beautiful figurine for Christmas one year. She told me this is how she sees me--creative, excitable, happy, free, and so full of life. Happiness is a very special piece to me in my Willow Tree collection.


Submitted by Patty in Maryland, July 2012

I wish you would pass this along to Susan Lordi. My cousin gave me your "Happiness" figure for Christmas. I only recently began to keep it on my piano to inspire me as I do one of the things that brings me the most happiness. When I first opened my cousin's gift on Christmas 2011, it was all I could to to keep from weeping. There is something so weightless and wonderful about the spirit of that figure that lifted me from feelings of despondency and worry. I wish Susan all the very best for continued inspiration and willingness to share her gifts with all of us.


Submitted by Cheryl in Utah, June 2012

My friend and I have been on a quest together for the last ten years. We were both single mothers struggling to raise our children alone. As the world took its toll on us, we both struggled to find happiness and now that our children are on their own we are still struggling to nurture and repair ourselves and find that happiness we need. When I found your figurine "Happiness" it spoke to me so intensely that I bought one for both my friend and myself. It brings me hope every day. Cheryl


Submitted by Ruth in Pa, April 2012

In 2005 I participated in a Bible study for post abortive women called "Forgiven and Set Free." It changed my life! I was burdened by guilt and shame about my choice of abortion and kept it secret from many. After the study I was able to share with my teenage daughters and other family members about my past and how the study had helped me. My study leader asked me to join her as a peer counselor in helping other post abortive women through the study. Last spring she had to step down from her position and asked me to be the director of post abortion ministries at PMI (Pregnancy Ministries Inc.). When my youngest daughter and I were looking for a gift for a friend I saw the Willow Tree figure with arms stretched out wide with birds lighting or assending from them. It inspired the thought of freedom to me. I saw that it was named Happiness: free to sing, laugh, dance,create! I knew I had to have it for my office to remind me and those who come to see me that we can be free of guilt and shame from our past through the grace and mercy of our loving God. I'm very thankful for this symbolic reminder!


Submitted by ceecee in nc, March 2012

A coworker has been thoughtfully giving me the Willow Tree figurines for a few years now on my birthday and for Christmas. I love each one, and look forward to the next; however, none struck me more poignantly than the one opened on my March 17th birthday last week: HAPPINESS. I've been facing trials, struggles, valleys and all the while praying without ceasing. Upon holding this figurine, I was instantly reminded of God's love for us by her outstretched arms, or maybe it was a symbol of my joy in the Lord with my own arms outstretched and my three children in my care, just as I am in His tender care every day of my own life. So many thoughts rushed through my head, and I wanted to share them with the artist. I think happiness differs from joy in that one is a gift from God. This particular piece holds special value to me, especially during this Lenten season right before our Risen Christ comes again and renews our faith and spirit. Your work is inspirational and refreshing; so meaningful to all recipients and collectors alike. Blessings to you for your work.


Submitted by Renae in WA, December 2011

This is the fourth year that I have been divorced. No one really wants to be divorced, and always hopes for a change in the situation. God has allowed me, through this, to be free of all abuse, hurt, and captivity. When I saw the Happiness figurine I had to have it as a reminder that I am truely able to sing, laugh, dance and create again. I am free to love again with a love that is true, and full of hope and promises that only God can reveal to me. My prayer is to have a relationship and companionship that only God can give to me with the one man He will bring, God wanted a relationship with me first, he now has it and always will.


Submitted by ati in Tehran/Iran, September 2011

I'm a girl,a physician from Iran. This is a middle east beautiful country that has been made as a prison in which singing, dancing and happiness are forbidden specially for women, in the name of religion. In the past 2 years everybody cried in my country while looking at innocent boys and girls who were trashed and killed in the streets, just because they loved freedom and life. I am going to begin my course in psychiatry.When my sister bought "Happiness" for me, my tears dropped and I decided to put this in my future office to remind my patients that happiness, dance, music, art and LIFE are God-given rights and we have been struggling to achieve them for centuries. We never were nor ever will be diaappointed.


Submitted by Linda in Illinois U.S.A., July 2011

I am a mother of nine. My daughter, Rachel, was born with Rett Syndrom. Her disorder caused her to lose her speech, ability to swallow, purposeful use of her hands. She never walked, had seizures, and other issues. She was a happy, loving child, well-loved by family and friends. After a year of relative health, Rachel suddenly became sick, and a week later, on Oct. 5th, passed from this earth. She was 13 years old. I was trying to find something to give to her dovtor and therapist that would be a happy reminder after the years they spent with Rachel. In a store I saw "Happiness." I began to weep because it not only looked like Rachel, it showed how she is now--free from her body that so trapped her physically, free to sing, dance, laugh, create.It expressed so perfectly the hope we have because of our belief in the Bible that that is exactly how Rachel is now. Thank you for a wonderful reminder for me as well, on days that I am missing her, that she is far better off now, in perfect "Happiness."


Submitted by Trish in WI, June 2011

I received the Happiness statue from one of my students and his family for an end-of-the-year gift. I was so touched by this gift and the card that this family had written. As a teacher, I don't always hear the kind words that I heard from this family and a few others this past year. This boy, who has diabetes, is very special to me. I watched him grow a lot this year and become a young man. He and his family will always be close to my heart!


Submitted by Dianne in UT, May 2011

We were given the Happiness figurine six months ago when we lost a dear friend. It was a gift from his loving mother. It has been a comforting reminder to choose happiness in life, even when grieving. We treaure the time we spent with our friend and remember him in happiness.


Submitted by Rachelle in WI, March 2011

I am one-year cancer free today! I stopped at my favorite Willow Tree retailer and picked up "Happiness," because without cancer I am "Free to sing, dance...create!"


Submitted by Melissa in VA, February 2011

A dear friend gave me this a couple of Christmases ago, and it is so special to me. I am a single mother of triplets--two girls and a boy who are eight years old now. When I look at this figure, I see me, and the joy I feel, with my three children on my arms.


Submitted by Barbara in Utah, January 2011

Many times I have given the perfect Willow Tree to others, and I have been given the perfect Willow Tree. But this time it was extra special: my sister who was born with Down Syndrome and who I took care of for 2 years because my 89-year-old mother could not do it anymore. My sister was going to be 59 soon, and she passed away on Monday. My sweet daughters gave me the Happiness figurine--FREE to sing, laugh, live, dance. My heart was so full as I looked at this Willow Tree girl because that is exactly what our sweet Joyce can do now. Thank you


Submitted by Pamela in Ga, January 2011

My sister in Christ gave this to me today, December 31st, for my 39th Birthday. My mother passed away 13 years ago. She was my dearest friend and I miss her terribly. I am so thankful to my friend for having a hearing ear when God speaks to her heart to bless others. This is the first piece of your work that I have received. I cannot wait to bless others in my life with your beautiful creations. "Happiness" will always hold a very special place in my heart--knowing that I can rejoice in the rest of my life on earth, until I see my sweet mother's face again in Heaven! Thank you for all you do!


Submitted by Angela in Victoria, Australia, January 2011

I bought this figurine for myself as a New Years present/resolution today (1 Jan 2011) to be happy! After a six year relationship with the man I thought was the one, he turned out to be a selfish, abusive, manipulative person. He left me with our two-year-old daughter to fend for ourselves. This figurine is a reminder to never settle for something that isn't completely what you want, to stay strong and to know that you are worth it.


Submitted by Alisha in British Columbia, December 2010

Happiness was given to me as a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I believe that it truly resembles what he sees in me. It is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. He is the one who has encouraged me to follow my dreams and to start to write again. This is truly special and it's something that I will cherish forever.


Submitted by Nicholas in Indiana, November 2010

I bought this piece for my little brother. His mother passed away and this piece just stuck out to me. The arms spread wide open with the birds represents that she is free from her pain and happiness has filled her heart. We know she is with the lord and looking down on us. Now my little brother will have this to remind him she is in a better place and waiting for us. Love you Austin!


Submitted by Kim in FL, October 2010

We're a military family, and we had just moved across the country so my husband could attend a civilian school in a civilian city. I was pregnant with our fifth child and found out I had relapsed with cancer; I knew no one and had no support. A friend of mine sent me a care package that included a porcelain bluebird; she wanted to send me some happiness. Sitting on my counter, that little bird always made me smile. I am a Willow Tree collector, and when I saw the HAPPINESS figure - face turned upward, arms stretched out with bluebirds perched on them - I felt like it perfectly captured the euphoric feeling I would have if/when I became cancer free. I bought it, and it was a great source of inspiration during the two years I struggled with illness. After four years of remission I still get that feeling of euphoria -- of celebrating freedom from sickness and worry -- whenever I look at the HAPPINESS figure. It's amazing to me that you could capture and depict that emotion in your art.


Submitted by Lynne in Lancashire UK, October 2010

This figure is very special to me. I bought it as a gift to myself after coming out of an abusive relationship. It has been a constant source of inspiration to me for many years. Recently, I found a new love and I bought this figure - in the hope that we could share our future happiness together. We are not together properly yet - but the happiness figures keep us constantly in each other's thoughts.


Submitted by Eliesa in Germany, October 2010

First of all I want to say that Willow Tree is marvelous. The figures just express so much. I love them. Every time I look at my figures, I am happy to be alive. Last week I bought Happiness in a little shop in Denmark. I spent my holidays there with my best friend. It was great. I was just happy. This girl is perfect.


Submitted by Karen in Northants, September 2010

During a time of seperation and traumatic change in my life I was passing a local church that usually is not open during the day. The church was offering you to come in and sit with a cup of tea and listen to the organ being played. I went in and sat quietly in tears and prayed for some Happiness in my life. The word Happiness was specifically used. When I left the church and returned home still in tears I had been left a parcel at my back door by the local Post man. When I opened it, it contained the figure called HAPPINESS!!!! I did not expect the Lord to answered my prayers so quickly and for the postman to deliver it. I thank my friend Lynne for sending me my first figure.


Submitted by Carol in Louisiana, June 2010

I presently have three of your beautiful pieces. Each one has a precious memory which makes it very dear to me. I purchased my first piece (Blessings) when one of my two sons died in an automobile accident. It represents my two dear boys and is very dear to me. The second piece (Two Alike) was given to me by my best friend. We have a standing joke about how we share a brain so this figure of the two angels with their heads together truly represents our close friendship. The other piece I have (Happiness) represents another close friendship I have with three wonderful co-workers. One day, several years ago, one of the ladies placed a paper bluebird on the desk of one of my friends when she was having a difficult day. This bluebird concept became our theme over the years. We have purchased each other "bluebird" notepads, frames, etc. So when I saw the "Happiness" figure I had to purchase one for all of us. This figure represents the four of us - when one of us has something to celebrate the other three are right there to join in with the fun. Thank you for your wonderful figures that help us express the tender moments in our life.


Submitted by Tony in Texas, May 2010

Last year my wife found three baby doves in our back yard. With no way to place them back in their nest, and absolutely no knowledge of nurturing featherless birds, she kept them in a box. She obtained special food for them, hand fed them, cleaned them and talked to them. In time she took them out to the back yard and made them exercise their wings. They learned to fly from her arms to tree limbs and back. Eventually they all left, but one would return before the fall and come down to her arm when she whistled to her. I found your figurine and remembered her sadness when her "babies" left. I bought it for Christmas and she said it was the best Christmas present she'd ever received.


Submitted by Patricia in Wyoming, March 2010

My daughter was taken from us in a tragic accident in 2006 at the age of 18. I was already starting my collection at the time. I was feeling down one day and went for a walk through a store, and there she was: "Happiness." Her arms were spread open; the breeze ruffled her hair. She seemed to speak to my soul, telling me that my daughter, my best friend, was safe and filled with joy now. With tears running down my cheeks, I took her to the counter. The checkout clerk looked at me with a question in her face. "In memory of my daughter" were the only words I could utter. Her eyes too filled with tears as she rung up the purchase. She hugged me as I left. My life is different now. Each time I look at "Happiness" I am reminded of Heather.


Submitted by Lily in Austria, January 2010

I received this figurine for my graduation from University and loved it from the first moment I looked at it! For years now, my true passion has been Yoga - I keep "Happiness" somewhere close to me when I study or practice Yoga, but I also like to take the figurine along with me wherever I go to teach. When I'm talking and listening to my students, looking at "Happiness" helps me stay focused and open. Its joyful expression reminds me to be receptive to the unique qualities unfolding in each and every class. Some of my students asked me about this figurine - it makes them feel light and carefree ... Thank you, Susan!

  • Name: Happiness
  • Materials: resin
  • Measurements: 5.5"h
  • Sentiment: FREE to sing, laugh, dance... create!

  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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