Mother and Son

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Mother and Son

Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons

“I was thinking about the relationship between a mother and a son of about nine or ten — that certain age when boys start fiercely asserting their independence — and resisting hugs and kisses from their mothers. And yet, at the same time, secretly needing and wanting them. I wanted this sculpture to express that push and pull.  Liking the touch but at the same time, pulling away.”

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Mother and Son

Submitted by Suily in Ventura, September 2014

I received this beautiful gift on my birthday as I had just won sole legal custody of my beautiful son. I got this gift from a very special friend of mine. She is like a mother to me, and receiving this beautiful piece of art brought me to tears. It's the amazing detail and the intimate details that make this piece very meaningful. Thank you so much.

Mother and son

Submitted by Louise in West midlands uk, August 2014

I am a collector of Willow Tree but this piece (mother and son) is extra special as it was a gift from my autistic son. We have a very close bond and as times have been stressful for us as a family i will look at this with a smile, because no matter what my son will always have his mom, and i will always have him. He's very special. My son is the most thoughtful, loving human being, if the world was full of people like him it would be a better place.

Mother and Son

Submitted by frank last in corringham essex, August 2014

My mother passed away earlier in the year. As I am struggling with the loss I decided to buy your Mother and Son figurine. It arrived this morning and I'm very pleased with it, The figurine stands next to a photo of my mother on my desk and will always have a special place in my heart.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Linda Heinz in Jacksonville, Florida, June 2014

I was given your Mother and Son figurine after my 29 year old son died following a valiant fight with cancer. I am continually amazed by the multiple facets that are revealed with each glance. Different lighting and angles can change the "expression" entirely. What a precious gift you have!! I have been able to "see" so many emotions in their pose. Beautiful!!

Mother and Son

Submitted by Lisa in Fogelsville, PA, May 2014

I just received Mother and Son for Mother's Day from my first of three dear and wonderful children, my only son. I can't look at it without crying as it so perfectly symbolizes this time in our lives, and it is an emotional one for me. The sculpture is the most precious gift I ever have received, and has instantly become the most sentimental item I own. I am more proud than words can express of my spectacular boy. My baby is ten this year, growing leaps and bounds - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The adjustment process has been a bit bumpy for both of us - he wants more and more independence and I struggle to give the right amount, often providing less and sometimes more than the occasion requires. He strives to be strong and act mature, but there are moments when he is still so vulnerable. I find myself desperately clinging to the incredibly close relationship we have shared for the past decade as he seems to need less and less of my time, attention and affection. He used to tell me everything before I even asked, and now I have to dig strenuously for bits and pieces. I long to hold onto my little boy, but the "little" is slipping through my fingers like water. I want to protect him from hatred and ugliness and preserve his state of innocent bliss, but friends are "teaching" him about things like September 11th and the birds and the bees. I can't keep him in a safe bubble, nor can I fix all of the boo-boos with a kiss anymore. But I remember the days when it was me and him against the world - Daddy went to work while we spent our time reading, snuggling, walking, and exploring, just the two of us. I never felt so profound a love until the moment I laid eyes on him. Ever since, he has taught me how to love - and how to live meaningfully. It's as if I was born again on his birthday - the world becomes entirely different the moment one becomes a Mom. Every time I look at this precious sculpture, I shall remember that I am the luckiest woman in the world for getting to have such a close connection with my son and for getting to share in his childhood. In a short while, his body no longer will fit perfectly under my chin - soon, mine will fit under his. Our relationship will be much different then. Equally strong, I pray, but undeniably different. I am so excited to see the young man he soon will become, and so thrilled for him to discover and experience all of the amazing opportunities that await him - but I can't deny that my heart hurts as he continues to not need me in the same way that I have so enjoyed him needing me these last ten years. I always will cherish the precious moments we shared during this amazing journey. All of these deep feelings seem perfectly represented in your astoundingly beautiful and moving piece. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Melanie Weaver in Scranton PA, December 2013

I have several pieces. I originally planned on purchasing one, Mother and Son. I bought it shortly after the death of my mother. Mine is not a unique story nor am I unique or special except to God and my husband. When I was 19 years old I gave birth to a miracle. I was the disgrace of the family and was forced to give my miracle up for adoption. I never saw my miracle or heard him cry or counted his fingers and toes. He was never to be spoken of. My grief and tears were silent. Both my parents are gone now and the grandchild they would have no part of is the only grandchild they ever had. I am searching for my son now. He will be 40 years old on Feb. 14th. My favorite piece is The Quilt. To me it represents the safety, comfort and protection I would have given my son had I been allowed to. Perhaps with the help of God I will find my son and I can explain to him it was never my decision to give him up. Since I have started my search the pain is always present; my tears flow freely and are a comfort because now I no longer have to hide the existence of my precious miracle. Melanie

Mother and Son

Submitted by Elvira Trisnamurti in Indonesia, September 2013

I got the figurine of 'Mother and Son' from my friend Dianne who lives in Melbourne. It has touched me so deeply after I lost my first son, Patrick in his 18 years 3 days. He died 30 minutes before his 5th operation. My husband and I, who were at his side, never realized that he would go so soon after he celebrated his 18th birthday with his friends at school. He was a cheerful, optimistic and spontaneous boy even though he had athresia esofagus ever since he was born. He never complained or questioned why he had it whilst his younger brother is in very healthy condition. At first, we couldn't accept what happened, but I changed my mind after I heard some of his best friends tell me that he mentioned that he didn't want his 5th operation. I have to accept that it's good and even the best for him. We had never asked what he really wanted, whether he liked it or not. Whenever I touch the figurine, it feels so soft, as soft as my love for my son, as soft as I touched his skin when he was a baby. And when I look at the face of the mother and son, there I state to myself to put my smiling face on it because I am sure if I smile to him, he would do the same thing to me. To smile is to show how grateful I am that I could be with him for 18 years 3 days. I smile because I am proud to be the chosen mother for him. I smile because I could know a special son like him. I smile because I know being with God is the best for him. Thank you Dianne, thank you Sandra and thank you to all mothers who have lost their sons. Let's not lose our hope to meet them in heaven someday. because of our smile and LOVE.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Rick Krupa in Ammon, ID, May 2013

A little over a year ago our 14 year old son required a kidney transplant. My wife, his mother, ended up being a good match. The surgury went well and my wife made it clear that I was not to leave his side. Each day they chased me out of my son's room so I could run over to my wife's hospital and check on her. I passed the gift shop and saw the Mother and Son figurine. This perfectly matched the feelings in my heart. A mother loving her son who would do anything for him. Both mom and son are doing great and every time we look at this figurine it reminds us of the extra special bond between our son and his Mom.

Mother & Son

Submitted by berni in Lincoln, March 2013

Today is Mother's Day and also the day my son leaves to do his phase 2 training in the British Army. This was a very special gift with lots of sentimental value attached. This is going to the start of an amazing collection, and every time I look at my figure it will remind me of my 17 year old son who is away in the Army.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Joann in Tennessee, August 2012

This angel is the first Willow Tree angel I received from my son, Phillip. We had been to Gulf Shores, Al and I love the beach. It is a gift from God and all of His beauty, looking over the ocean and watching for the dolphins. Since that time I have received several of the Willow Tree angels, and I have just given Phillip and his wife Amy the father and mother holding a new born child.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Debbie in Utah, August 2012

My first Willow Tree (Thank You) was given to me by my cheerleaders as a gift of thanks. My second figurine was given to me by a very tearful group of cheerleaders two weeks after my 32-year-old son died in a motorcycle accident. It is the Mother and Son figurine. All I could do was sob. These teen-age girls found something that encompassed a mother's love for her son at a time my heart was broken and it showed me their love. These two figurines sit in a very prominent place in my home and each time I pass them I am reminded that love comes from many different walks of life. None is less important than the other. Susan Lordi has captured love in each of her collection pieces. Now Willow Tree figurines are my gift of choice to a daughter, a student aide, a friend, or me whenever an expression of love is needed and words aren't enough.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Heather in AB, August 2012

On June 5th of this year our 15 year old son, Wade, took his life. We have been given the Father/Son & Mother/Son figurines and they sit on either side of a picture of him. Remembrance and Healing Angels sit with other angels I already had in a window. Just looking at them brings me comfort. Their simplicity and purity are beautiful, and the love and support that has been shown to us is symbolized in them. Our lives are changed forever and the angels & figurines remind us of the love we shared and the kind, caring person that he was. Thank you for creating them Susan.

Mother and Son

Submitted by kylie in Victoria, Australia, August 2012

I have been a single mum for the last eight years. I have 3 children-- 2 sons - 21 and 15years, and a daughter who is 19years old. For Christmas last year my daughter gave me the Mother/daughter figurine, and she also assisted her brothers in getting me the Mother/son figurine. It was their way of thanking me for all i had done.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Kathleen in FL, August 2012

My husband of 22 years has always been the rock in our family, raising three boys who adore him, and now helping our oldest son with our three granddaughters who think their K-pa hung the moon. My husband was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 bladder cancer that has already metastasized to the lung and brain. His biggest concern is that he will die one day when he is all alone. This figure reminds me of the many recent times he has had to sit down to catch his breath, or just to conserve his energy. I put my arms around him, touching and holding him, making sure that he knows that I am always right there with him, keeping him safe. I want him to know the vows I took when we got married were never taken lightly, and I will be there with him in sickness and health, until death steals him from our lives. I feel that this figure will remind him of my promise to be with him every step of his final journey, never letting him forget how much I love hime, and how grateful I am to still have him, no matter what time we have left. "You and me" will go into the display case, right next to the Anniversary, Grandmother, Grandfather, Mother and Son, Father and Son, and my favorite, the one he gave me for an earlier anniversary, Together. This is only a small list of the many Willow Tree figures I have arranged in my display case. Each of the Willow Tree figures is extremely special to me. After my husband's death, which is inevitable at this time, I will be able to feel his presence every time I look at our lives told through our Willow Tree figures. So I have now started giving them to my children and grandchildren for special occasions, so they may look upon their figures and remember the part of their life that it represents, hopefully with the pride and awe I feel every time I look at mine.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Amelia in NL, July 2012

My fiancé and I gave Mother and Son to his mother for Mother's Day a few years ago. She loves the figurine; it reminds her of when he was a young boy.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Jamie in California, May 2012

My story has always consisted of my mom and I. I have never known my dad because he died before I was born, so I was fiercely loyal and territorial over my mom. My mom and I have always had a very special bond. One day I was out running errands and saw this figurine and I had to get it for her. This statue to both my mom and I let her know that no matter what, she is always in my heart and no matter how far we are apart and no matter what I am going through or what she is going through I will always be her son and I will always love and admire her.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Karen in Scotland, February 2012

I loved this piece from the moment I saw it. It reminds me of my now grown up son at the time in life when he didn't want hugs anymore (he reckoned he was far too 'grown up' for them) and you took every chance you could to give him a sneaky hug. He is at university now and I dearly miss him. This piece gives me a happy memory of him while he is away.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Dmitry in Michigan, USA, February 2012

I would be lying to say my kids had an easy life. My wife and I moved to Thailand a few months before our oldest child was born. In 2004, only a little over a month after my youngest daughter was born, the tsunami struck. We, along with many others, lost everything. Including two family members. My wife and son died that day. It made these figurines so very special to my family. So thank you for that.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Janice in FL, January 2012

My 11-year old son and I were shopping today when we saw your beautiful Mother and Son. Both of us immediately were drawn to the piece, and we agreed that it really depicts us both accurately. Even the stance of the little boy is the same as my son's, hands in pockets, growing up day by day but still remaining close to his Mama. I'm keeping it right on my desk where I can look at it and enjoy it very frequently. At first I wondered why no faces were drawn clearly; however, I think it's even more special this way as it allows the viewer to really consider it "theirs." Thank you for this lovely keepsake which we will both cherish forever!

Mother and Son

Submitted by Corinne in Alberta, Canada, January 2012

On June 6th, 2011 I lost my 19 year old son to a epileptic seizure. He went to bed like normal and never woke up. We had his funeral on his 20th birthday. When I look at this figurine I can feel all the love that I shared with my son. It is true there is something about the bond between a Mother and Son. Hug them everyday and do not let them pull away.

Mother and Son

Submitted by HELENE in PA, January 2012

My beautiful, smart, sensitive son committed suicide this past April. He was only 29. The holidays were the worst of my life. My wonderful friend gave me the mother and son piece. At first I coulnd't stop crying. Then I put it on my desk and whenever I look at it I remember all the wonderful hugs I received from him.I still can't look at his picture, but this figurine gives me comfort. Thank you and my dear friend Jamie

Mother and Son

Submitted by janey in ayrshire, January 2012

I raised my son and daughter myself. I bought Mother and Daughter and Close to Me for my daughter's 30th birthday, and I am buying Mother and Son for my sons 30th birthday. I think they say it all. I hope I always feel close to my children.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Theresa in LA, December 2011

Last Christmas I recieved my very first Willow Tree as a gift from my daughter. She gave me the Mother and Daughter figurine. This year my son gave me the Mother and Son. Then he handed me another one with a grandmother and grandchild! He tells me congratulations Mom you are going to have a grandson! Oh my, tears filled my eyes with joy over the ones from my children and flooded my face with laughter when I was told by your beautiful creation I was going to be a grandmother for the first time! Thank you for making my Christmas so memorable two years in a row!! Merry Christmas, Theresa

Mother and Son

Submitted by Christine in Queensland, Australia, November 2011

32 years ago, I relinquished my first child, a son Michael, for adoption. In September of this year after an 18 month search I was reunited with him. On the 9th of November I celebrated my 50th Birthday and on the 8th of November he celebrated his 32nd Birthday. Michael gave me "Mother & Son" as a gift. To receive such a poignant gift from him on this occasion was overwhelming and I shall treasure it for the rest of my days. Thank you for creating such an amazing range of figurines for every possible situation. Beautiful !

Mother and Son

Submitted by Barbara in Australia, September 2011

My husband and I both have a Willow Tree. I have Mother and Son and my husband has Father and Son. Our journey to parenthood was difficult. Because I have a heart condition my body finds pregnancy difficult. We lost our first child at 2 months. I was very frightened but also excited when I became pregnant with our son Robert. I had a hellish pregnancy including episodes of bleeding, liver and kidney issues, migraines, excess saliva, high blood pressure, reduction of vision and severe morning sickness. Robert is our one and only child, as I cannot carry another. Our Willow Tree figurines remind us of our glorious gift and how blessed we are every morning and every night. Thank you so much.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Esther in Arkansas, August 2011

My son is now 38, and bought the mother and son figurine for my birthday this year, 2011. When he was small this is how I would so often hug him; close to my heart where he will always be. He is my only child and has always been so kind and sweet, and this figurine really captures that sweetness. Thank you for the memory.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Donna in WA, May 2011

When my fiance was hospitalized and had to have surgery I gave him the Angel of Healing. I also bought Mother and Son for my adult son. I bought Promise because it depicted the love my fiance and I had for each other. I also bought Sisters by Heart because it reminds me of my two daughters when they were little. My son purchased the Mother and Son for me as a Mother's Day gift this May. He said it shows what he feels for his mother. Of course I had some tears rolling down my cheeks. Thank you for the beauty and the heartfelt feeling that Willow Tree depicts.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Michael in Nevada, May 2011

My wife, Amber, and I have four beautiful boys. Our second oldest, Justin, passed away under very tragic circumstances at 20 years old in 2006. I was looking for something for a Mothers Day present yesterday and when I saw this piece, I was moved with much emotion. It immediately reminded me of Justin being held by his mother when he was this age. I could barely make it to my car before I broke down and wept. It is so simple but yet such a beautiful expression of love between a mother and her son. My wife loved it and was moved as well. Thank you and may God bless your wonderful work. I know we have just been blessed by it.

Mother and Son

Submitted by patti in alabama, May 2011

I received the Mother and Son figurine this year for Mother's Day from my 25 year old son. Our relationship has been tumultuous over the years-he has always been my "strong willed" child. He went through a life-changing illness approximately 2 years ago, which brought us closer than ever. Our relationship has never been and will never be the same again-I believe God uses certain situations for His glory and for the good of His children. Receiving this figurine brought tears to my eyes and I am so grateful that God spared my son's life!

Mother and Son

Submitted by Eleanor in PA, January 2011

Our son unexpectedly passed away in November 2010. Barry & Kathy, my former husband and his wife, invited our grandson and me to their home in Arizona for Christmas. Christmas was also Adam's birthday! Barry bought me this figurine and in looking at pictures from when Adam was little, I must have three or four pictures of us in this pose. I miss my son horribly, but when I look at this figurine I feel a little lift of my heart.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Joan in nj 07016, January 2011

I've always loved your figurines. I have received them as gifts and have given them many times. My son, David, passed away in November, and for Christmas my daughter, husband and I gifted each other with a symbolic figurine, expressing the love of a son and brother. I have them now surrounding his picture on a table with a candle, and it looks so peaceful and serene. I thank you for your comforting artwork. God bless you.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Elizabeth in Texas, January 2011

My son, my only child, was KIA in Iraq on 12/16/2004. This statue is heartfelt and says it all. It was given as a gift as was another statue of mother and son. They are on display together with the flag, his medals, picture and scrap book. Franklin is truly a hero.

Mother and Son

Submitted by WENDY in SASKATCHEWAN, January 2011

My son loves to buy me gifts, and he bought me this for Christmas 2010. It warmed my heart to know that a little boy of five would choose this to show his love to his mom. It makes me get teary-eyed every time I think of the kind gentle ways of my little boy.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Linda in Phililppines, October 2010

My prodigal son. He was an angel since birth till he went wayward at 18. I gave up on him. At 35, he completely changed, 360 degrees. Now, I am so happy he is my son. All his misdoings are completely forgotten, no bad memories. Linda

Mother and Son

Submitted by Robin in Utah, September 2010

I love your figurines. I own "The Hero" because of a loved one who has passed away and she stands next to his military flag. I gave "Close to Me" to my daughter while she was away at school. I gave "Generations" to my grandson's mother at her baby shower. I gave "Father and Daughter" to my husband when I first saw your beautiful figurines, and "Promise" was my anniversary gift to him a year ago on Valentines. Right now I am looking for Mother and son for both of my sons. One son is now a father and the other is going through some rough times. So I thought I needed different emotions, but of course your figurine says it all. I do wish though, that there was one showing a mom embracing her son like she never ever wanted to let him go. I think my son needs that right now and he is in another state, so symbolically your statue could say that for me. Thank you for making such beautiful and meaningful art! Sometimes I find myself standing there in tears or smiling or just...standing in awe. RL

Mother and Son

Submitted by Lisa in Ohio, March 2010

I have been so pleased with your collection. It is my "go to" for any occasion. I have given them to many friends as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries. birth of children. Recently my friend's son was killed in a car accident, and I immediately knew that your Mother and Son figurine would be the perfect memorium. It symbolized their bond. It meant so much to her. I myself have a collection of your figures. Every one of them holds a special memory of either my daughters or of an occasion in our lives. Your collection represents life in still form. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Lisa

Mother and Son

Submitted by Joey in Utah, January 2010

As a teenager, I decided that my Mother needed to be recognized for all the things she did for me, so every year on *MY* birthday, I would buy her a gift just to say "Thanks for being my mom". As a father, I'm now teaching my children that, at some point on their birthday, they need to step outside of themselves and get a gift for their mother. This year, I was very happy to be able to take my 8-year old autistic son to pick up this figurine for his mother, and the look on her face when he hugged her and said "Thank you, Mommy!" was absolutely unforgettable.

Mother and Son

Submitted by Heather in California, December 2009

10 years ago, I joined the Navy and left behind 2 great kids, 5 years old and 18 months. Today I remind each of them just how much I love them, miss them and how they are very close to my heart each and every day no matter where I might be stationed. I've sent each of my kids the Mother and Son & Mother and Daughter. The figurines keep my heart from breaking every time I think of them. Thank you.

  • Name: Mother and Son
  • Materials: resin
  • Measurements: 8"h
  • Sentiment: Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons

  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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