Heart and Soul

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Heart and Soul

Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends

“Totally inspired by my two sisters and my very good girlfriends … that I can pour my heart out to!"

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Heart and Soul

Submitted by Kate Murphy in Bellingham, Washington, August 2014

My dear, sweet friend, Kathy gave this to me for my 59th birthday. We grew up together from about the age of 8/9. Our backyards met. We were joined at the hip. Spent our summer vacations with each others families. We somehow followed different pathways after high school. And lost each other. Thankfully, social media has some redeeming qualities, and she found me via Facebook about 5 yrs ago. A few months ago we planned for her to come visit me in Washington, she's in Arizona. It was wonderful! It's as if no time passed, it was not uncomfortable, or awkward. If there's a bond there, the saying about the fact real friends can go ages without seeing or speaking, and it's ok-- is true! Only I don't think we will ever let this happen again. I'm going to see her and her family in a couple months. I'm a single mom, of a 19 yr old son, my parents are gone. So it's just the two of us. I can't put into words what it all means to have her back in my life. Anyway, when she arrived for her weekend visit, she had some adorable treats for my birthday. But when she gave me this Heart & Soul figurine, I just know it meant the same thing to us both. I love it! I will treasure it forever. I am now searching for another one of your figurines that I can bring to her, when I visit. What a endearing tradition this could be the start of!

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Mickey in Lake Charles, LA, April 2014

My sister, Polly, gave me this piece a few years ago. She said it reminded her of the two of us sitting up late at night in our gowns sharing secrets, memories, troubles....everything. It is one of my most prized possessions, because it reminds me of her.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Shannon Z in Endicott, NY, December 2013

This piece was a Christmas gift from my "soul mate" friend Lisa. We have been friends only since Feb of 2012 but I firmly believe God brought us together as perfect puzzle pieces. We are indeed two halves to a whole. We are not the type of friends who "sugar coat" anything. We are both straight forword with one another. We tick each other off sometimes but the strength in our friendship is that we both know EVERYONE disagrees and just because we have different ideas or tastes does NOT mean we should be mad at the other person, we don't dislike the person just their idea. That, to me is what makes a perfect friendship. Love ya Lisa-piez!

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Debra in Roebuck, SC, September 2013

I fell in love with Willow Tree years ago and have purchased many to give as gifts to special people in my life. I have especially loved the "couple" ones and have given several to my husband on anniversaries (basically for me). But the reason I bought this one is a little different. I have been talking thru various life issues with the same very special therapist for about 20 years. She has suddenly decided to retire and this seemed perfect for her. As I told her, she has taught me to look into my heart for answers to give strength to my soul in our talks.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Kylie in Florida, April 2013

My sister had just gotten into the "Inspire" phase, and she was buying these figurines left, right, and center. I snooped around on the Willow Tree website after she was on it, and immediately fell in love with Wisdom. I swear, she looks like me. My best friend's birthday is coming up, and I felt that this was the right piece, as we've been friends for years.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Hayley in California, August 2012

My story began with Wisdom. I fell in love with Willow Tree and fawned over the figurines in our local gift shop. My favorites list grew and grew and I am beginning a collection. I now have Heart and Soul, Love of Learning and Friendship added to my Wisdom piece. I hope to acquire them for as long as I can. They give me peace and joy just to gaze at one. Thank you, Susan, for your beautiful creations.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by VANESSA in TX, March 2012

I was looking for something to give to my very close friend and when I saw these two figures talking. I knew it was for her, because no matter what the topic is I know my friend will listen and give me the best advice. I can count on her to be there.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Zette in NC, April 2011

I was introduced to Willow Tree today in a shop in Smithfield, NC. When I came across this piece I knew I had to have it. I lost my sister in January 2011, and when I looked at the two sitting there together as if they were chatting,I was reminded of what I miss the most. The sentimental value of Heart and Soul will become the anchor for my new Willow Tree collection. Thank you.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Megan in Utah, February 2011

My best friend and I saw this figure in a store and we both exclaimed, " IT's US!!!" We look like both of them and our sitting stances look like the way we sit. She gave the figure to me for Christmas and I am giving it to her for her birthday :)

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Jean in VA, January 2011

Recently a friend had her 56th birthday, and this figurine spoke to me about a friendship we had for 50 years. We met in 1st grade. Actually it is three of us, and we have been best friends since then. We three went out for dinner and I gave my friend this figurine. As soon as she opened it my other friend blurted out "where am I" since it was only two girlfriends. So on her 56th birthday I bought her the same one. Needless to say my birthday was last and they bought me the same so now we know no matter where we are or what we are doing we are always in touch, Heart and Soul...

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Emma in east yorkshire, December 2010

My best friend gave me this for my 18th birthday, this is relevant to us as we have been through a lot together. Thank you for summing up our bond better than we ever could.

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Hannah in Ireland, November 2010

I was about 10 when I met Ellie. At first I thought she was loud and annoying, but thats only because she never actually talked to me before. But then we had this really long talk about boys and our first crushes. We seemed the same in a way. I realized later when we became insperable that we were the same. When we were about 18 she got cancer. She was rushed to the hospital one morning at 6 o'clock when she got really sick. She was then sent to a more classified hospital an hour away. I couldn't bear the sight of her lying in bed with pain all over her. I saw this figurine in a near by shop and thought of her. When were meant to be going to the formal that year, I did go but she was in hospital recovering. I never realized how important friendship was until that happened. I was completly heart broken. That was about 15 years ago, but we are still best of friends. I don't know what I would do without my Ellie... xxxxxx

Heart and Soul

Submitted by Carly in Wisconsin, February 2010

I love this angel figure because it pictures friendship perfectly. A good friend of mine gave it to me for graduation last year and i could immediately see the faces even though they are not there. I have known this friend for about two years now, and our relationship has grown so much! I just love this figure because of what it means to me.

  • Name: Heart and Soul
  • Materials: resin
  • Measurements: 4"h
  • Sentiment: Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends

  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush. Avoid water or cleaning solvents.

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